Who is Haroula?

My name is Heather Joy and before I married my Greek husband, I decided to embrace the Orthodox religion and was given the Greek name Haroula.
I made my own wedding candles and when I welcomed my first child, I made her baptism candle set and this is what triggered an unknown talent I had hidden all these years.
I absolutely love creating beautiful candles; whether they're for a wedding or a baptism. I have recently added stefanas, martyrika witness pins, and boubounieres as well as some jewelry and special occasion favors. If you do not see exactly what it is you are looking for, e-mail me and I will try everything in my power to fulfill your special request. Haroula's Happening is always looking for new ways to expand and provide that perfect something for your special occasion. I cater to all special events, not only Greek Orthodox.
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